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HI everyone! I am planning on filing a police report today but wanted to give people a heads up. On or about Saturday night our car was broken into (jeep wrangler). We first thought someone had just looked around since the soft top window was sort of removed - not ripped, and things looked like they were thrown about the car. The radio was there and we could not think of anything that was missing but we realized that we had left our Craftsman toolbox inside and it was missing. I don't really know what the purpose of stealing a toolbox is but the thief probably thought it was a laptop briefcase or something. Green Street has not had as much robbery as other nearby streets so I wanted to make sure to post this so people in the area can make sure not to leave anything that may or may not look valuable inside their vehicles.

If for some random reason you spot our toolbox, please let me know through this and we will figure out of way to get it back. I know it's not likely that it will be found but just in case!


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