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Create a Virtual Gift image for us please and thank you!

Hey JP,

There is a feature here on the network called Virtual Gifts. You may have noticed it on your my page.

Virtual Gifts are meant to acknowledge and show appreciation for someone. They are also a way for NFN to generate some revenue to support our operation.

We're thinking it would be cool to have gifts like a Jar of Sugar, a Shovel, a Hammer - you know neighborly gifts.

We're not really using gifts yet because we need art work that is relevant to our network. Would you like to create and share license/royalty free artwork we can use on our networks? We don't have money but we'll give you credit!

If you like to doodle and create images, then we'd love for you to create some image/gifts for us. Gifts need to be 64x64 pixels and need to be .jpg, .gif or .png file types.

If you like to help out - please join the new Virtual Gift Creators Group and we'll work together to come up with, produce, and promote new gifts!

Thanks so much!

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