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Flu prevention advice from Karen Kirchoff

I saw Karen today in her new office in Roslindale Square. 11 Cohasset Street, 617.522.3990

I have to be very mindful of flu, and can't do vaccinations.

So today I got Karen's advice beyond what I know.

She has a tincture (or pill form) to prescribe now before the season starts.
She has identified a chinese herb pill formula to keep on hand and take immediately at onset of symptoms.

If you know Chinese medicine, she has analyzed the flu and the influences which I think are heat and wind.

Her community acupuncture sessions are now the first Saturday of each month for $25.00

And the advice we have all heard to wash your hands frequently and wear a mask if symptoms are active or if you work or live with someone symptematic still goes.

Here is a blog post from me on my thoughts on the Swine Flu.

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