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GPS Stolen Sunday from Paul Gore, suspicious teenagers looking into cars midday Monday

My roommate's car was just broken into Sunday between 10am and 2ish pm and the only thing taken was the GPS. Unfortunately she left the holder for it on the window, so that's why they knew to target it. What's crazy is that we've been outside all day, filling a moving truck.

Make sure you don't leave anything in your car to entire passersby, even during broad daylight when people are around. She was parked on the street right in front of the Community Garden close to 52 Paul Gore.

Then on Monday:

My roommate (same one who had her GPS stolen on Sunday) and I were driving to pick up her car from getting the smashed window fixed at around 11:45 am on Monday and we noticed two teenagers looking into parked cars around the intersection of Paul Gore and Lamartine, near Stony Brook station. I pulled over immediately and called 911. The two teenagers saw that we pulled over, they stopped checking out cars and rushed into the train station.

Both were African American males and in their teens. One had a bright orange baseball cap and a plaid shirt, the other had a bright red baseball cap and a red shirt - both were wearing jeans. The cars they were looking into were on the right side of Paul Gore if you're headed towards Stony Brook in that last block between Danforth and Lamartine.

I apologize for not emailing about this yesterday, but I thought people might want to know.

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Comment by Miriam Greenbaum on June 8, 2010 at 7:43pm
My GPS was also stolen on Elm St. across from the old Jamaica Plain highschool where Greenough and Elm intersect. This happened in late April.

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