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Scary phrase right?

What is even scarier is that the Tobacco Industry is doing this to our young people in MA right now in the form of underhanded tobacco marketing tactics!

Are you serious? Yep, sure am. 

Did you know tobacco products are being made and marketed to look and taste like "candy" and that they are being sold in plain site and as individual units to make them more affordable to young people?

Did you know these "candy" tasting and looking tobacco products are being sold in supermarkets and convenience stores in OUR neighborhoods? 

Let's do something about this!

There is a new effort called OPPOSE, and I invite you to join me there! And once you've joined, spread the word by blogging and Tweeting about it using #OPPOSEMA.

OPPOSE has two distinct goals:

1.  Raise Awareness
The tobacco industry continues to target young people through cheap smokeless and candy-flavored tobacco products.

2.  Take Action
The OPPOSE community serves as a hub for concerned adults to come together, share ideas, and start opposing the tobacco industry's latest underhanded tactics in their attempt to hook our young people.

YOU can help out in the following ways (and we'd love you for it!):
  1. Join our community of supporters at OPPOSE
  2. Blog about the effort
  3. Tweet your blog post using the hashtag #OpposeMA and follow @OPPOSEtobaccoMA
  4. Fan the facebook page and add a link about your blog post

Fine print: I am personally working on this campaign in a paid professional capacity. Any member of Neighbors for Neighbors who wishes to share information about efforts or campaigns to improve quality of life, safety, health, or any related to public good may also do so by adding a blog post.

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