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How to control email, messages, and group notification settings


There are many types of notifications that allow you to receive emails about new activity on Neighbors for Neighbors. You can receive email notifications when you have new private messages, new friend requests, when Administrators send broadcast messages, and when your content is being featured or when a new member joins a group you are a member of. You can control which message you wish to received here

You can follow any blog post, forum discussion or category, group discussion, and by default you'll follow those you participate in. You can choose whether you want to receive any, all or none of these notifications from you "Email settingspage.
You also have full control over who can send you a private message, and can block any member from doing so at any time.
Read on for more information on controlling your email settings and messages.
In this post I cover:
  • Private Message
  • Email Settings
  • Group Notifications


You'll automatically be able to exchange messages with the Administrators. In order to exchange messages with any other member, you'll need to first become friends with that member. When accepting friend requests, keep this in mind. You might not want to accept a person if you wouldn't feel comfortable if they contacted you privately.
If you'd like to prevent someone from sending you personal messages, you can block messages from any member. To block a sender, go to your inbox and locate a message they've sent you. Open the message and click the "Block Messages" link.


There are a number of different types of notifications you'll receive by default. This includes messages sent to only you, to groups you belong to, to your events, to the whole Ning Network, or messages people sent to all of their friends, and the notifications you receive when you have new friend requests, when people you've invited to join, and when you have new comments to approve.

You can turn off any or all email notifications being triggered by your Email Settings page.

To get to your Email Settings page, click here
The next page displays all of the different types of notifications you'll receive. In the "Neighbors for Neighbors Messages" section, you can control the email notifications you receive when messages are sent.
In the "Requests & Invitations" section, you can control email notifications generated by friend requests, group or event invitations.
In the "Content & Members" section, you can choose whether or not you like to receive email messages when your content is approved or featured, when someone sends you a gift, when a member you've invited joined or when new members join.
In the "Activity" section, if you have added new items, you can choose whether or not you like to receive email messages when there is activity on them. You will automatically follow discussions or blog posts you add and those you reply to. You will also automatically follow a photo you've added, an event or a page you've created. You can choose to receive email notifications when there is activity on a group you're a member of and when a new member joins that group. If you're already following these items, you can stop following all at once by clicking the "Stop Following All" link.

Finally, if you don't want to receive any email notifications, you can check the box next to "I don't want to receive emails from Our Border" at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind this means you will not know when you are sent personal messages until you sign in, and you also will not receive broadcast messages from DHS. If you decide to receive notifications again, uncheck this box and click "Save" to bring back your previous email settings.


When you join a group, by default you are notified every time a member posts a new comment, new discussion, replies to a discussion, and joins the group. In many cases this very helpful. Sometimes it's not. Here's how to change these settings:
To stop following group discussions:
  1. Go the groups main page
  2. Click "View All" at the bottom of where the discussion appear.
  3. Click "Stop Following – Don't email me when there are new discussions"
To stop following group comments:
  1. Go the groups main page
  2. At the top of the Comment Wall select "Stop Following – Don't email me when there are new discussions"
To stop receiving notifications when a new member join the group:
  1. Go the groups main page
  2. At the botton of the members box, select "Stop Following New Members"
To leave a Group:
  1. Go the groups main page
  2. At the top of the page choose "Leave Group"
Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment

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