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Hey Neighbors,

I'm launching a new community building project this month. It's called #Hi5Fridays!


Giving a Hi5 is a great way to acknowledge a neighbor, friend, or co-worker for a job well done or just being awesome.

Here is how it works:

  1. Every Friday, give at least 5 people - neighbors, friends, people in line, co-workers or anyone - a Hi5.
  2. Help spread the word by joining our fan page at and inviting your friend to join.
  3. Referring to this hashtag #Hi5Fridays when on the "tweeter"

Project History:

  • Friday, July 29 - Lauch - I launched Hi5Fridays at the (where I work) Next Generation of Government Summit #NGGS11 in DC on July 29. 500+ people Hi5ed!


  • Friday, Aug 5 - I got 3,500 plus to Hi5 at the Hatchshell during Free Friday Flicks!


Virtual Idea --> Use Google+ Hangouts

  • You can do virtual Hi5's too - see what I did with my co-workers this morning on Google+ Hangout - PS add me your circle (or if you need an invite - email me) - See the pics.

Step by step instructions on how to give a Hi5:

  1. Raise your right hand
  2. Say - It's Hi5Fridays, get job this week
  3. Give a Hi5
  4. Repeat at least four more time


Tell us your Hi5 stories by leaving a comment below!


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