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I envision as a global community of citizens and civil servants who learn from each other and collaborate to increase connectedness, fun, safety, and resiliency in the neighborhoods where they live and work.

So what can you do on

  • Ask and answer questions about how to interact together and address challenges
  • Co-create and download step-by-step playbooks on how to organize initiatives such as a pot luck, a block party, a neighborhood social, a community organizing expo, a community garden, or a neighborhood watch group.
  • Co-create and download step-by-step playbooks on how to interact and partner productively such as efficiently do outreach, effectively run meetings people actually look forward to attending, work as a productive teams, and build long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

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We are human beings having a human experience and as such, we face challenges and these challenges act as barriers to engagement. The best data, information, technology, design, and tools will only get us so far if:

  • We don't know how to interact and connect with each other
  • We don't know where to start and give up
  • We don't have support and camaraderie
  • We start but don't follow through
  • We don't engage each other or work effectively together
  • We do everything on our own
  • We don't celebrate and acknowledge each other

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