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Dear Neighbors,

I have some really big news. Given the continued growth of our network and increasing usage (we've now surpassed to 1,000 members), we feel compelled to share our technology with fellow neighborhoods across the city. As our city faces shrinking financial resources, we believe it's our duty to help our fellow neighbors leverage their social capital like we do.

Because of this, on Friday, May 22, (if all goes as planned) there will be 18 Neighbors for Neighbors Social Networks, one for every neighborhood in the city, and one new organizers’ network for best practice sharing and support around neighborhood organizing. While the networks will be live it will take some time to have grow and be as vibrant as ours.

While this is very exciting, these new networks are stretching my capacity. I need to hand off the fun day-to-day operations of the JP Site. Please see the volunteer roles that are available below. Follow the link and reply to the discussions to let me know how you'd like to contribute.

Please also note that the address of this network will become - though you will still be able to get here (and all the other networks) from

Below are the available roles that need to be filled to keep this network humming.

- Community Managers: Welcome and guide members.
- Newsletter Editors: Send the good.
- Community Reporters: Discover and share.

Please go the Network Advocates for more information on ways to contribute -

Joseph Porcelli

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Comment by Steven Backman on May 19, 2009 at 6:42am
Joseph, this is great, looking forward to hearing more.

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