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Please Support Families from Nov. 21 Violence

Dear all,


When Johnnel Cruz, Ariel Dume, and Winzisky Soto passed away in November, many Jamaica Plain residents responded quickly to hold events, vigils, and meetings, as well as support Same Old Place.


Since then, a number of young adults, youth workers, and community supporters have continued working to channel tragedy into something positive and working to stop future violence from occurring. Part of this work is continuing to support the families involved, including financially.


It means a lot if Jamaica Plain residents step up to help support the families now -- it shows that the community is sticking together even after attention has faded from the violence.


It can be very difficult for families to cover thousands of dollars in funeral costs and other expenses when a loved one dies, and paying these expenses can come at the expense of being able to pay bills and make ends meet. After we talked with the families of all three young men, two families -- the families of Johnnel Cruz and Ariel Dume -- asked for support raising donations.


Please consider giving $100, $50, $25 -- whatever you can offer -- and asking people you know to support as well. The City School, a youth leadership and social justice organization, has generously offered to serve as a pass-through for donations which will go to support the families.


You can make a donation in the following ways. (Please do so by January 31, although the sooner the better; if you end up wanting to donate after this date, please contact us first.)

  • Write a check payable to "The City School" and write "Support for Families of Johnnel Cruz and Ariel Dume" or "Family Support / Response to Violence in Jamaica Plain" in the memo. Mail the check to:
Ruby Reyes and Seth Kirshenbaum
The City School
614 Columbia Rd
Dorchester, MA 02125
  • Make an online donation. In the section asking, "Are there details you wish to give us?", write "Support for Families of Johnnel Cruz and Ariel Dume" or "Family Support / Response to Violence in Jamaica Plain."
  • If you prefer to make a donation for a specific family, write the appropriate name in the memo / details section.

If you have any questions, or would like to let us know that you sent a donation, you can e-mail those of us working on raising funds at <>.

Thank you for your support!


Adrian Rivera, Beatriz Rivera, George Lee, and Rosi Troncoso

Youth Workers, My Brother's Legacy

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