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UPDATED 6:30 PM - PRESS RELEASE: Snowcrew activated for entire eastern costal region affected by winter storm Janus

Hey folks, let me know if you'd like to set up an interview or if there is anything else you need. Your help getting the word out would be greatly appreciated!


Joseph Porcelli - Snowcrew Founder and Volunteer Organizer
857-222-4420 - - 


Washington, DC, January 22, 2014 - Snowcrew has been activated for the entire eastern coastal region of the United States, from MA down to VA. Snowcrew is a volunteer community initiative that matches neighbors who are elderly, disabled or sick with nearby neighbors who can and want to shovel them out after snow storms. As of 6:30 pm EST, 111 shovel requests have already been submitted by people who need help shoveling.

People who need help shoveling may request help from their neighbors online at Neighbors in the District of Columbia, in the greater Boston, MA area, and in all counties in NJ who wish to help shovel out their neighbors may sign up to be notified by email or text message also at Everyone can also download the SeeClickFix app (the engine that powers Snowcrew) to submit requests, find out who needs shoveling assistance near them, and communicate with other volunteers and those request help. 

Snowcrew helps keep neighbors healthy and cared for during snowstorms. When shoveled out, they can get to the pharmacy, doctor's office and grocery store. Their fears and anxiety are replaced with joy and gratitude. Snowcrew volunteers receive the satisfaction of being in service to their neighbors. They make new friends with other volunteers and form bonds with those they serve. The net result is a closer, healthier, more resilient community.

Those who request shoveling assistance are not guaranteed to be shoveled. By submitting a request or volunteering, people do so at their own risk. The is no fee for being shoveled nor is there any compensation for shoveling.


Snowcrew was founded in 2009 by Joseph Porcelli, the volunteer organizer. The first version of Snowcrew used a Google map and a Google form. After Joseph learned about former Mayor Cory Booker digging out his constituents after receiving a constituent tweet, Joseph wanted to see if he could build on former Mayor Booker's success by using technology to allow multiple neighbors to engage each other online to get shoveled out simultaneously and in multiple cities and towns at the same time. Today's Snowcrew accomplishes this goal!

Snowcrew is powered by leaders in government digital communication and outreach and Open Government. SeeClickFix's API provides the “shovel request” submittal, mapping, notification, commenting and case management system. GovDelivery provides automated emails and text messaging notifications for Shovel Requests. Additionally, Snowcrew lives and is coordinated at

Professionally, Joseph is the Director of Engagement Services at GovDelivery, where he applies his experience building digital communities and getting people to take action to accelerate stakeholder engagement for priority government programs and campaigns like FEMA's National Preparedness Community found online at In his free time, in addition to organizing SnowCrew, Joseph volunteers and manages 

At the end of January, Snowcrew will be available at and will be available to everyone everywhere.

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