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Rising costs of living: What can we do?

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Last week's discussion on the rising costs of food and fuel, and what we can do about it, generated a collection of good ideas. We hope many of you will come out this week to continue the conversation:

Thursday May 26, 7-9pm at First Church UU

After discussing what rising costs meant for us and the impacts we were seeing in the neighborhood, everyone then brainstormed actions we could take in the short term (within a year), medium term (1-2 years), and long term (3+ years). Some of the ideas generated were:

  • Neighborhood supply stations for gardners -- perhaps working with groups like the Food Project, we could have spots for collecting and distributing compost, teaching people how to make raised beds, and peer to peer support to encourage more gardens
  • Cooking classes and regular "stone soup" meals at community centers and churches, where volunteers cook together and teach beginners how to cook and preserve food, and all are welcome to share and discuss what they are doing in the neighborhood
  • Working with the City to change zoning for livestock (chickens, goats, etc.)
  • Grants for retro-fitting houses
  • Group trips, ride share, and collective transportation co-ops
  • Southwest Corridor Farm !
  • Renewable energy (wind turbine on Peter's Hill?)
  • Communication center - space/location where people can gather and share ideas

Thanks to everyone who took time to show up last week in the rain! I am looking forward to seeing more of you in person this Thursday and discovering more cool ideas for action. For me the best part of these conversations is getting to know more JP folks who care about the future of this community. I am grateful for the positive energy people bring.

PLEASE RSVP on Facebook:

And please help spread the word to your friends and neighbors in JP.

Looking forward to Thursday!
on behalf of the JP New Economy Transition team

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