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Serve-a-thon 2009 is coming - oh man!

Hi Everyone -

We are ramping up for Serve-a-thon 2009 here at City Year Boston, and getting everything ready to engage 1500 volunteers in a powerful day of service!

On Friday, we had a "Prep Day" where our Corps Members sketched 40 plywood panel, and canvas frame murals. These murals are now ready for our volunteers to fill in with bright colors! They will end up hanging at schools, community centers, and parks in JP's Bromley-Heath, Egleston Square, Jackson Square areas, and around Malcolm X Park.

We also sent our Corps Members to flyer in areas around Boston - we sent them up and down the MBTA subway lines, to let businesses and residents know about the great day we're planning.

We'll keep you guys updated on the work we're doing to prepare for the day. Hopefully you are planning to come out and serve the community, as we're planning to welcome you!

Yours in service,
City Year Boston's Serve-a-thon Team

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