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Snow Guidelines: Helping others, Regulations, Vehicles and Parking


Here are some guidelines:


  • Check on elderly and neighbors and others in need. Adopt a neighbor for the winter - shovel them out!
  • Keep your cool. 
  • Shovel snow from sidewalks that abut homes and businesses. 
  • Don't shovel snow onto other cars. Be courteous.


  • Shovel out fire hydrants close to your home.
  • Keep wheelchair ramps clear and sidewalk cleared at least 42 inches wide so wheelchairs can get by. 
  • Take extra precaution near school bus stops where children may be waiting without parental supervision.
  • Treat non-working traffic lights as stop signs and proceed cautiously at intersections. Call 617-635-4500.
  • Avoid driving. Walk or take public transportation.


  • Home owners and management companies have 6 hours to clear snow and must be at least 42 inches wide. Commercial properties have 3 hours. 
  • Any Space-savers in on-street parking spaces that have been cleared should be removed 48 hours after a snow storm has ended.


  • Move cars from main arterials during snow emergencies. A listing of main arterials can be found at
  • Do not park cars within 20 feet of an intersection. Parking too close to an intersection can restrict emergency vehicle access.
  • Do not throw snow back into the street. “Throwbacks” force the city to remove snow from the same street twice.


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