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Ethos AgeWell West Roxbury has instituted a Snow Initiative that strives to serve seniors living in West Roxbury with snow removal assistance. Ethos AgeWell program is seeking volunteers and contractors living in the Boston community to pledge their time this winter towards assisting older adults living in West Roxbury with their snow removal needs.  Volunteers will be asked to work with seniors that are not able to properly remove the snow, by shoveling or plowing designated areas around the elder’s residence.  

For numerous presenting factors, elders may have difficulties with snow removal making it problematic to leave their property without risking fall or other serious injury.  Seniors who are isolated in their homes for reasons relating to buildup of snow or ice may miss scheduled doctor’s appointments, skip trips to the grocery store, not attend visits to the pharmacy for prescription refills as well as miss opportunities for socialization among friends and family.  

If you are an individual, a contractor or an employee of a company that may interested in donating your time and efforts this winter to elders in need, please contact Annie Fletcher, AgeWell intern at 617-522-6700 x357 or by email at

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