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Summer Jobs for Boston Teens with ABCD - Accepting Applications Now!

Folks - I just learned that Action for Boston Community Development ( is now accepting applications from Boston residents ages 14 to 21 who are income eligible.

There's an ABCD office here in Jamaica Plain:
295 Centre Street, 617.522.4830
753 Centre Street, 617.522.4250

Please contact these offices above for more information!

Rock on - Juliet

And here's information from the ABCD website on the program:
ABCD SummerWorks is a jobs, education and mentoring program serving low-income, at-risk youth ages 14 to 21 from Boston's inner-city neighborhoods.

Kids work real jobs, receiving guidance and career development from the more than 175 community organizations that serve as program work sites, places like hospitals, colleges, clinics, child care facilities and summer camps.

SummerWorks enrollees also attend workshops that focus on topics ranging from careers and higher education to money and time management, from violence prevention to community building.

In 2008, ABCD's SummerWorks program was able to provide jobs to 1,100 of the 3,000 kids who applied. Many of today's business, government and community leaders held their first jobs in ABCD SummerWorks.

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