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Thank you Jim Doyle (Arbor), Milton Trimitsis (Wood Worker), and Jesse Valente (Neighbor)

Earlier today, we held an emergency park clean up at Beecher Park to clean up the huge tree that fell during the storm this past week. 

After putting out the call for help last night, Jim Doyle an Arbor and longtime NFN member, Milton Trimitsis a woodworker and Rosi resident (who got a forwarded email), and Jesse Valente, a neighbor responded to my call for help and showed up with their chainsaws and gear and did AWESOME work breaking up the tree. 

Next time you need a tree pruned or help with tree related storm clean up - call Jim at 857-526-1110. When you are looking for renovation, restoration, cabinetry, and architectural woodworking check out Milton's work at Also, please give Jesse a neighborly high five.

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