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This Thursday at Bikes Not Bombs: Free Flat Fixing Lesson and DIY Tool Time

There are two opportunities to learn or work on your bicycle at Bikes Not Bombs this Thursday, January 28th, 2010.

***At the Bikes Not Bombs Hub, it's Tool Time from 7:00-9:30 PM. This is a chance for volunteers and members to use BNB's tools and workstands to work on their bike. Registration and an active membership or volunteer credit is required. See for more info on how to participate.

***At 8:00 PM a free clinic on How to Fix a Flat will take place at the BNB Retail Bike Shop at 18 Bartlett Square (steps from the Green St. T station) in JP. We’ll show you how to remove a tire from the rim, patch the tube and re-install, plus tips to prevent it from happening again. Save time, money and rubber! This class is free and open to the general public. Questions? Call the bike shop at 617-522-0226.

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