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Tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 11 from 7 to 9pm) at the MilkyWay (405 Centre), we the members of Neighbors for Neighbors, will host our Community Organizing Expo!

Tomorrow night, we will build on the promise of hope and change by socializing and organizing around our common interests and passions to make a difference.

By attending, you'll learn about, and be able to join, the incredible social activity clubs and service projects your neighbors have created and want to share with you! In addition, you will learn about volunteer opportunities and services offered by fantastic local non-profits. There also a couple of open tabling spaces so you'll get a chance to spontaneously create a group! First come first serve.

To see who is exhibiting, see the main page.

Kate Visco, from Pave Your Lane, who will be the youngest female in US History to run-solo across America, will inspire you to pursue your passion by telling the story of pursuing her own!

Please bring your neighbors with you!

Joseph Porcelli,
Your greatful neighbor!

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