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At 8:27pm on December 16, 2013, Marilyn Bravo said…

Hello Joseph, I am Marilyn Bravo from 14 John A. Andrew Street. I just had shoulder surgery last week and a friend brought me to the Doctor today for my post surgery appt. The Doctor said that I would be able to drive in a day or two. I have not been out of the house since I came home from the hospital on Friday evening. It is pretty bad out there and my car is buried under a lot of iced over snow so that when I am able to drive in a few days I will never be able to get out from where I am parked. I am afraid that I do not remember the protocol for requesting volunteer help for shoveling my car out and shoveling a path for my car to follow to get to the street. What shall I do? Nice to see your picture. I have not seen you since you and another man came over to my apartment with ice picks and all sorts of special ice tools to dig me out after my neighbor plowed all his snow up against my car. You and your co worker did an amazing job. When you left the area was clean down to the bare street. Have to stop now, too painful to type. Let me know what to do to get help for my 2011 Navy Blue Subaru Sedan parked in front of my apt at 14 John A. Andrew Street in Jamaica Plain. Thanks, Marilyn

At 12:52pm on November 22, 2013, Patricia Spinelli said…

I never leave anything in my car but they went through the glovebox and scattered everything across the front seat, nothing was taken. From my son's car though they took his wallet which he'd left in the covered center console and also about $15 in quarters that he kept for parking meters etc.

At 12:31pm on November 22, 2013, Patricia Spinelli said…

There are b & e's here in Greenfield also, last week my car and my sons was broken into overnight while we were sleeping, both were locked and a slim jim was used....I hadn't set my alarm....won't forget again!!

At 10:57pm on July 9, 2013, Carlos Moran said…

Sorry Mr. Porcelli, i missed spelled your last name..

At 10:56pm on July 9, 2013, Carlos Moran said…

Hello Mr. Precelli, 

I am curently trying to sell my condo here in the JP area. Can I create an event/ open house notice using this forum?

I look forward to your response.



At 12:30pm on February 22, 2013, Patricia Spinelli said…

That's what I thought too! Had to use heating oil $$!

At 11:28am on February 22, 2013, Patricia Spinelli said…

He was a regular plow person and charged me $125.00!

At 11:26am on February 22, 2013, Patricia Spinelli said…

Thanks for the invite Joseph! 

At 11:06am on February 22, 2013, Lisa Vaas (Moderator) said…

You got it. 

At 10:59am on February 22, 2013, Lisa Vaas (Moderator) said…

Thank goodness I'll be in Boston so I can help this time! I'll help in  Facebooking requests when I'm not shoveling. 

At 10:56am on February 22, 2013, Patricia Spinelli said…

Suppose to get about a ft of snow starting tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning here in Greenfield, MA, better than the 2 feet of last time I guess...just hope it isn't windy! 

Love your page!!

At 10:41am on February 22, 2013, Patricia Spinelli said…

Just stopping by to say Hi Joseph!


At 1:07pm on February 9, 2013, Lynn Wiles said…

Thank you.  Five neighbors came over and shoveled.  I am filled with gratitude and hope to be able to help another neighbor some day.

At 5:59pm on February 6, 2013, Marcia Tritter said…

Hi Joe, Hope this finds you well too.

I am still disabled and trying to arrange to have my car shoveled out on Saturday when the snow ends.  I tried clicking as instructed on the Click Fix and just spoke to a lovely guy but he's in CT.

How can I request this formally?  I'm parked on Grovenor St., around the corner from 14 Pond St, in the Handicapped Spot.  Pale blue FIT Honda, lic HP795G.  My email is and phone no. is 617.522.5252.  Thank you in advance for your help.  Sincerely, Marcia Tritter

At 5:30pm on February 6, 2013, Jack Weiland said…
Hi Joe,

Having trouble joining the Snow Crew group on my phone ... can you add me? I live at 10 Olmstead St in JP, happy to help shovel wherever needed.

- Jack
At 11:09am on December 10, 2012, Carolyn MacNeil said…


Hope you are well.  Charlestown NW Coalition needing to have their google group either unrestricted or turned over to another admin from the neighborhood.  Thoughts?  Can you reach out to Kelly Pellagrino at Kelly Pellagrini []?  Many thanks!!  Carolyn MacNeil


At 4:33pm on January 20, 2012, Marilyn Bravo said…

Hi Joseph,

I am Marilyn Bravo. I live in Jamaica Plain (14 John A. Andrew Street) and I am a widow. You were my hero last winter when you came personally with an co-worker and unburied my car after a major snow storm. Since snow is predicted for tomorrow I wanted you to know that I am gratefully requesting to be added to your list again this winter. I do not know how much snow is predicted for tomorrow but just in case it amounts to anything, I wanted to make sure you know that I want to be on your wonderful list again this year. I have a dark blue 2011 Subaru Legacy Sedan (plate # 625JS6). I can't remember if your crew does side walks or not, but if they do, I would love to request that the side walk be shoveled as well, but the big, big, big thing is my car. I will now go and register. Also, my phone phone is 617-522-2076. Once again, that you and God bless you now and always for being my hero last year. I was so happy to see that you are still with Neighbor to Neighbor this year. You are a true humanitarian.


Marilyn Bravo

At 11:35am on November 20, 2011, Marcia Tritter said…

Hi Joe, 
Hope this finds you well.

I am contacting you to see if you still have the program with snow shovelers...

I live on Pond St. between the Riverway and Centre St.

Last year someone just came by at every snowstorm... do I need to call someone now:?

If so, what number?

Thanks so much in advance for considering my questions in advance. 

At 6:41am on October 29, 2011, John Anderson said…



Do they still have groups that help with projects?  I have to get my air conditioners out and they are too heavy for me  It takes about 20 minutes (there are 4).  Only 1 is heavy.  I would like to get it done in the next few days.  I don't see any place on the website for this feature.   Could you let me know?  Thanks.  John

At 1:52am on October 7, 2011, Felix Bezeredy said…



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