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Interested in a Sunday Farmer's Market behind Stony Brook?

Community Servings is considering hosting a Farmer's Market in our parking lot on Sundays. We are trying to judge if there is interest in having access to fresh fruits and vegetables for our neighbors that may not make it to Centre St. Please let us know if this is something that the community wants.

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We are really hoping to be a resource for the entire JP community to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We are trying to gauge interest. Do you think others would frequent this Farmer's Market?
Yes, PLEASE! I would definitely go to a Farmer's Market near Stonybrook, and can say with certainty that at least 5 of my friends would also want to go. The one on Centre Street is too crowded, and that BofA parking lot feels like a death trap. We never go, for those reasons. But in the CS parking lot? Definitely. It wouldn't be anywhere near as crowded and messy as the one on Centre.
I would also be interested. I can never make it to the one on Centre St. One on Sunday would be much more convenient.
yes! we think it'd be great!
Would a CSA be a good alternative as well?
We're already in a CSA, so the farmer's market is ideal for us. For those in-between needs for fresh fruits and veggies, you know? Plus, I know my friends would never have the foresight, nor the financial ability, to join a CSA.
My husband and I would love to join a CSA, but all the farms we checked (with pick-ups in JP) have already sold out their shares. If we can't find a CSA share, we're definitely going to buy at a farmer's market (we live closer to the Centre St location, though), although we'd much prefer a CSA.
Me Too. Very much
Yes, yes, yes! Neighbors from JP and Roxbury would definitely frequent a Farmer's Market in this location. You'd get great foot traffic from the Stonybrook T stop and folks on their bikes in the SW Corridor. Please do it!
Yes, this is a great idea! It would be wonderful to be able to walk (not drive) to a market where I can buy local produce!! I'm all for it. Thank you!
Yes, we we would definitely be interested and I'm sure many of our neighbors would as well...
Yep, would definitely be interested.


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