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I'm wandering what your thoughts are about Goodwill opening a store at 678 Centre.

The gazette posted an article about it here earlier this year.

What are your thoughts?

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I heard Boomerangs is also excited and Goodwill will be offering different items. Sounds like a good compliment.
I heard that Boomerangs is opening at store in West Rox. Is that true? If so, I hope it will be in addition to the JP store!
I am new to the forum, but I have to say I am ambivalent about the Goodwill. It was a really large space and I think I speak for a lot of folks when I say a Trader Joe's, bookstore, music store, restaurant would have been more welcome and fit more with the changing demographic of JP. But that being said--I have always shopped at Goodwill and will definitely be checking it out.
The GOODWILL store that used to be in JP Centre seemed to be pretty busy when it was open. Although Trader Joes, and many other options could fit here-it's not the only place those places would be a good fit. Centre St is congested enough with traffic. I think a GOODWILL store will be fine here. Lot's of people in this area rely on stores like this to clothe their family. It fit's very well for this one demographic group amongst the many that live and work here.
Let's not forget ALL of the classes that exist within our community!
I heard some thinking that JP could become sort of a funky destination for second-hand goods and affordable antiques. There are several antique shops in the area. I like the idea...
I am looking forward to the new Goodwill. I thought the journalist who wrote that article just made up a "controversy" and went with it. Sure, I'd like to have a Trader Joe's or whatever, but it doesn't have to be right there.
I'm not excited about a Goodwill at all. We already have Boomerangs and I'd rather see something new and unique. Why not a video store, a bookstore, a restaurant, a craft cafe, anything else?
I can't wait.
Goodwill would be great, as would a Trader Joes. Wouldn't Goodwill compete too much with Boomerangs though? I'm not a real estate leasing specialist but wonder if that Footlocker location could be shared among 2+ stores? Something unique is always good


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