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if you click on this link and put in information....and enough people do....and they find that there are loads of folks driving over to brookline from surrounding areas that could be better serviced in JP...then theyll put one in!!!!

now how great would that be? I love you harvest coop....but you need to be about 4 times the size and about 1/2 the price....If only you were modeled directly off your cambridge location.....nuf said*

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Yes! A trader Joes has been being begged for by many in the community!
It would be so great to have another option for healthy cooking options.

go ahead and fill out the request form link above...hopefully tons of folks will....and theyll listen*
Me me!!!!
I have been dying for a TJ's! My life would be so much easier!!!
It would be such a good match and if it was far enough away from the Harvest Coop they could coexist.
the old footlocker store on centre st seems like a big enough location for a trader joes but goodwill seems to have claimed the space based on the window signs (that have been posted for months?)
yeah....that totally could have worked...but youre right that is already claimed by goodwill. I had been hoping that the space would be divided into two seperate two smaller buisnesses could thrive there...since that has truly become 'downtown' JP. Who knows though...there is certainly a lot of space being developed over in the brewery area...maybe that will become a new hub in town??? Wonder if they could do a basement grocery store in the old Milkyway location...ha ha ha!
That is awesome, I would LOVE a Trader Joe's in JP!!!
Would be great to have Trader Joe's in JP...a Trader Joe's with a wine and beer section. I go to the one in Brookline all the time. Where would it go? Too late for the Foot Locker location. Does JP have a vacant space (or land) large enough to accommodate a good Trader Joe's?
these are both totally good points. Im not sure how a Trader Joes....would signify gentrification though. I still think the ideal solution is for the Harvest coop to expand their operation to a more meaningful size (equivialent to the cambridge location) and drop their prices to match their other location. With a larger coop - the Hi-Lo - and the current Stop& shop - I think JP would be ideally serviced for its capacity. It is worth considering the neighboring communities that dont have grocers that JP serves as well.
Oh not to mention that Greenpeace takes issue with T. Joe's practice of "duping patrons into supporting parts of the seafood industry that cause tremendous harm to the planet."

T Jones knowing selling fish that are on the "red list". Red list fish are being over fished and are on the verge of becoming extinct.

Totally valid point.....again I think just expanding the current Harvest coop to be a true 'coop' and not a small food boutique (which is really what city feed is) would cover the needs of the community.


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