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if you click on this link and put in information....and enough people do....and they find that there are loads of folks driving over to brookline from surrounding areas that could be better serviced in JP...then theyll put one in!!!!

now how great would that be? I love you harvest coop....but you need to be about 4 times the size and about 1/2 the price....If only you were modeled directly off your cambridge location.....nuf said*

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Well, I am not elitist. Nor do I consider Trader Joe's a "hip organic food haunt." I find better quality at lower prices at Trader Joe's than I find at any JP grocery store. And the people that work there have never been rude to me, as both I and my husband have experienced at the Jackson Square Stop 'n Shop. I'm not familiar with the Harvest Coop in Cambridge. I shop at the one here, but I find it is too expensive and limited in its merchandise. I have found Roche Bros. in West Roxbury to be a really nice grocery store with decent prices. Too bad it is so far.
Yes, a Trader Joe's would be a wonderful addition to Jamaica Plain. Healthy food choices and great prices!
Yes, Yes and Yes.
Yes, yes, and, may I say it again, yes. I visit the one in Brookline frequently and would prefer to shop in one that is closer and in Suffolk County, instead of Norfolk. In the Armory area would be perfect, or around Forest Hills. Both would have some vacant warehouse space that could be converted.
I agree, JP needs a TJ's. The prices at TJ's are actually lower than Stop 'n' Shop...and DEFINITELY lower than City Feed.

But, the form wouldn't go through when i tried to send it in :/
Trader Joe's should be in JP- not only that, they should renovate and rejuvenate some of the decaying industrial area over by Stonybrook station...
Again..I think it would be a bit of overkill. There's a Trader Joe's minutes away in Brookline.

I would rather sacrifice convenience than push for something that will eventually lead to increased traffic (and pollution) and the eventual higher rents.

I wonder if those who jumped on the Anti-Domino's bandwagon would also see that a Trader Joe's would cause some of the same problems. And don't tell me that Trader Joe's is less expensive than Stop and Shop. If that was true we would see more low income people shopping there.

Perhaps I'm giving this thread too much of my attention.

I really do think that those committed to the "big picture" would lobby against the further gentrification of our neighborhood. So I'm really not concerned.

There should be more thinking involved in this than "Trader's Joe's has cool stuff and I don't want to drive far to reach it"
I feel very strongly that the TJ's should go into the Eggleston neighborhood. We need more bridges into the Roxbury neighborhood. And I bet it would be ideal for the residents of Roxbury. Then Harvest and City feed can still do their thing too.
If I had the money to invest I would do so.
Have you read Jamey Lionette's rant about sustainable food?

He calls Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and WalMart "the evil trio."

im going to forward this feed on to the good folks at harvest coop...and hope that they see the need to expand and drop their prices. it would be great to have someone with that kind of community involvement grow in our neighborhood...and not support one of the big three....

and i cannot tell you how happy i am at the amount of dialogue this has opened up on this forum! thanks to everyone that has written in..sincerely!

I appreciate your activism, but I can't imagine that they'll drop their prices. The place is selling fairly-traded, and local, organic and whole foods products. These are never cheap because they don't pass along the cost to the environment, or the labroers, and they're selling them in our neighborhood, which is not a cheap one. If we are committed to doing right by the planet and by the people who grow and make our food, we've got to make food a bigger part of our budgets.

I agree that if it was a more typical (old-fashioned?) co-op, members could impact a lot of these decisions. As it stands, benefits of membership are not good enough for me to have joined even though I shop at both stores on a regular basis.


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