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help shoveling out disabled parking space-was not able to use system

It would be super helpful it if someone could shovel out the disabled parking space in front of #53  Boylston JP. I have not been able to make the request on the new system.

When I enter the request as instructed, it puts it on the map as the request in Boyston, MA, the town!. Even if I can't park there, I am sure others would be grateful as well.

thanks in advance to all who help. Note that this is different from the one at 52 Boylston St from yesterday that DOES show up on the map. That one was meant as a test because they requested we test it..I guess I went too far. I have tried to "close" that one, but have not been successful ):

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Laura, I posted your request without any problem, so I don't know what's up with the city coming up as Boylston, MA. I don't know how to get people to respond to you directly, but at least the word is out that you need help. 

If I get replies posted to me personally, I'll forward them to you.


Lisa Vaas, Admin


Thanks so much for posting it for me!. Could you tell me if you are in charge of snow crew or is Joseph..are you the moderator of Snowcru now?. Thanks.

If you can remove the #52 Boylston Boston downtown post, or at least CLOSE it, I would appreciate it. I tried a few times to close it (by clicking on "close"...doesnt' do it).  Pehaps there is a delay or it doesn't allow the poster to close it herself?

 Thanks again for your help.

David Warner, they guy who owns CityFeed is going to dig out the spot for you!


thanks so much! 

to you, Lisa, and David!

Yippee!! So glad that worked out. 

To answer your question, I'm not familiar with moderating the SnoCrew, but I'm sure willing to help out as I figure out how to best do so. 

Thanks for doing this Lisa!

It is plotting and showing up correctly - 53 Boylston St. Jamaica Plain, MA

Thanks, Joseph! Let me know if there are ways I can help with moderating SnoCrew. I'm not too clear on what you do, exactly, but this one was easy enough to step in and help. :-) 

Hey Lisa, it's just me at the moment. 

I put the word out the space needs to get cleaned up. Hopefully it will happen soon.

For now, let's use this work question out. 

Hey Laura,

I know you had some additional issues and recommendations. I had to goals this weeked - 1) Get the new version of snowcrew off the ground and learn from it, and 2) propose to my love. Both have been accomplished!!!

With this said, I'll be incoporating all the feedback into and guide and then sharing it for input in the next week.



Laura, yes, what Joe said. All input/feedback is good!



I saw that, Congratulations!

I hope I didn't coming across as expectant of my suggestions being implemented, or even read, right way...I only sent them then because that is when it was most fresh as it had just happened. I admit too, I'd already been stressed/drained by having 2 seqential neighbors park illegal in the disables spot through our first winter storm and my car being far away--hard to have self control of shorter communications, am sorry about that. No snow in this next week'll be in the 40's. lucky us.

Thanks to you and Lisa and David for helping me out. SnowCru is a wonderful thing in multiple ways, am very grateful for it.

Thanks for getting me/all of us help in the particular setting of your Big Task! :-)


Laura, your situation sounds *very* stressful, so no worries at all about your feedback, it's all good. 




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