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Given that we are trying to pull this off very quickly, I want to make sure we take into account the following:

  1. People who volunteer to dispatch and shovel have a great experience
  2. People who get shoveled understand why they are being shoveled
  3. People who get shoveled are not taken advantage of (by scammers)
  4. People who participate via text understand they will incur standard text rate fees
  5. People who volunteer to shovel do so at their own risk
  6. Should we also map out what fire hydrants, drains, and handicap ramps need to be cleared out?

What else do we need to think through?

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Just wanted to add that it would be incredible to help young people get involved in this!  I've contacted Spontaneous, Teen Empowerment, the YMCA and other orgs to get this to happen.


I'll encourage them to post on here. 



This is an Awesome idea!...I did something like this years ago in ,my neighborhood in Somverville but more informally (back then I could be a shoveler). It was fun I got to know my neighbors, and it felt like it knitted the neighborhood togeather in a way.

Can we (have) people's cars shoveled out? many renters in area. See comments on Form page.

Awesome Betsy, thank you!
can we/they shovel people's cars out? that's a priority in our area at least. I more on the form page
We have added this to the form page. Great suggestion.


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