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Are you really good at the 4th at the Hatch Shell?

My Mom is up for a visit and REALLY wants us to make it to hear the Pops Sunday night. This is my 5th year in Boston during the summer, but I've never truly braved the crowds.
Are you/your family /friends planning to make the day of it, and could use a couple of JP-ites and one fun Mom to add to your caravan? We are both very chill and relaxed; no restrictions around us.
We could take the midday shift on our shared "spot" or make some other contribution of that sort to hold onto a good spot. She's willing to do the early shift, too, if that's what it takes.
Why don't you email me if this description fits you? We can bring snacks, drinks, a folding chair or two, cooler space, and sense of fun to add to the day and night.
Sheryl Crowbar

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Comment by Nancy Barron on July 4, 2010 at 6:38pm
I read this too late, but I did go to last night's rehearsal concert...and am looking forward to meeting your mom on the 7th! I hope you have a great time tonight!

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