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When was the last time you jumped rope? Shared a
secret? Giggled with a girlfriend? By becoming a Big Sister, you get to
experience the fun and friendship you had when you were young, while making a profound difference in the life of a girl. By becoming a Big Sister, you can be the confidant and friend who encourages a girl to do more, try harder and become greater than she ever imagined. Big Sisters and Little Sisters have fun together - and create memories that last a lifetime.

Our School-Based Mentoring program creates a unique one-to-one mentoring relationship between a Big and Little Sister during the school day.  Big and Little Sisters meet for 45-60 minutes during the Little Sister's lunch time or after-school program.  "Matches" do everything from read, color, play basketball, whatever they may be interested in together!  You meet throughout the academic year, keep in touch via letters or e-mails over the summer months, and resume match meetings in September.  There are sites located in Boston, Cambridge, and Quincy.  There is still time to match you this school year so sign up today!


Prefer to meet with a Little Sister after work/class on the weekends?  We offer a variety of programs to best fit your schedule!  If you have any questions about Big Sister's programs or would like to sign-up to become a Big Sister please contact Big Sister Association at 617.236.8060 or  For more information on Big Sister Association of Greater Boston, please visit

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