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Have you ever walked closely with a dreamer - somebody who always lives in the future, but rarely acts in the present?  Such people can be fun to be around for short periods of time.  They can spin tales of possibilities, and they can give you hopes for a bright new day.  But, after a while, they can grow wearisome because they don't often think through the implications of their dreams, and they don't life practically toward their visions.


On the other hand, some people are so practical all the time that they seem to suck the air out of every fun idea.  Dreams tend to shrivel and die around these "realistic" types.  It's hard to paint a picture of what could be when these folks are bombarding you with detail and resource and timing questions.


Living a life of faith involves both dreams and realities.  It faces the facts and never runs from them.  It also recognizes God's Kingdom purposes as the trump card among all facts.  Abraham was a dreamer he believed God for a place and a nation he had never seen. (Genesis 12)  He was also a realist; when he and Sarah were growing old - "He faced the fact that his body was as good as dead - since he was 100 years old - and that Sarah's womb was also dead." (Romans 4:19)  Yet, he was fully persuaded that God had the power to do what He had promised.  He believed that God would build a nation of believers through him (a people like us - still believing in the Kingdom of God), and he knew that his physical realities would not hinder God.


Are you a dreamer or a realist?  Real faith turns us into "Drealists" - our dreams are rooted in the reality of our circumstances and in the reality and presence of our God.  We are willing to face our present facts, yet believe through them.  This faith is practically expressed as we live and pray in a persevering and sustained way in the direction of the fulfillment of our dreams in God.  


May you become a life-long "Drealist" in God - very productive in God's Kingdom over the years and decades.

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