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My neighbor across the hall, on the first floor, got broken into yesterday (Mon) evening between 5 and 9:45 pm.

We are a few doors down from City Feed on same side of street right before Beecher.

They Kicked In the Window Bars (!!) to the window off the back porch apparently

I will get more details if any from her. I just read a note she posted.

I am scared myself because I thought window bars were keeping me safe, guess not.

If you heard or saw anything suspicious please post. Thanks

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Comment by Laura on September 29, 2010 at 3:44am
my landlord has bolted solid metal bars, each about 2" across...horizontally nside across our three front windows and our back bedroom -both are accessible by porches. Bars go entire width of (in the front, three) windows and are bolted into stud. I dont' know more than that about them not being very handy myslef. They aren't the kind of bars apparently neccessarily made for this purpose...just solid metal bars.

Turns out my neighbor had left her bedroom window open accidently. Guy got into bedroom with one kick breaking strategic bar of right height, and screen. He ransacked her br looking for money...took Jewelry box. Didn't even venture into other rooms...something may have spooked him?...he left thru back hallway door onto porch. It is possible that bar was put in improperly, not in stud.
Apparently City Feed was broken into three or so doors down...they broke glass, didn't get anything. It may have been same night but am not sure of details.
Comment by Eric on September 22, 2010 at 12:46pm
What do you mean when you say "window bars"? The type that I am familiar with (full length window iron bars) would be impossible to kick in.

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