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I had a great neighborly experience...

After shoveling out my car from about five inches of snow, I left work in Roslindale around 2:30 on Tuesday. It took about a half an hour to get home to Central was very slippery. My employer had just come from my neighborhood an hour before and said there were alot of parking spaces available on the street then, but by the time I got there I didn't see any but one. It looked big enough and that I could get it. But I was wrong on both accounts! (For the first time, I have been wrong alot about what my car can do this winter...especially around the latter!). I got stuck in the snow....wheels spinning. Embarracingly, the line of traffic on our one way street came to a halt behind me...I was sticking out too far for anyone to pass.

Suddenly two men came out of the house I was in front of, grabbed shovels, and started digging me out. Another person from the line of cars (I think) grabbed my shovel I'd been digging with (ineffectively...I am not a vigourous shoveler). No one yelled at me to move my car. It was amazing!...I was in the spot, out of the way of the line of traffic, within a few minutes. Phew! But I looked and saw I was almost a foot into the driveway of the house. The tenant (who helped shovel) let me park there until I could move my car up or put it somewhere else.

Thank you so much everyone that helped me, it was an amazing experience on Tuesday, reminding me why I love to live where I do.

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