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Spring Cleaning!!

During the Month of March we have seen a significant decrease in many crimes. We had two robberies, and one attempted robbery compared to eleven for the month of February and twenty-two for the month of January.

We have seen a small increase in residential breaking and entering. The vast majority were entered through unlocked windows and doors. As the weather gets better, please don't forget to lock your windows and doors when you leave for the day. Spring is a good time to inspect the quality of your window and door locks. We offer security survey's upon request. Contact P.O. Carlos Lara at 617-343-5624.

Breaking into cars continues to be a problem during the overnight hours. Items being reported stolen: Laptops, cash, GPS, radios and other electronics. Please do not leave these types of items in your car's overnight.

Tonight, April 1st, 7pm is our monthly police/community meeting at Curtis Hall. We will be discussing the above issues and more.

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Comment by Rich P on April 3, 2010 at 1:18pm
RE: muggings --

2 things come to mind - have a $20 bill or more that you can throw down saying "it's all I got, take it - leave me alone!!"
- gets their attention for a second - while you just run!

Maybe we as a neighborhood organize a sound alarm supplier that individuals buy a personal alarm from and throw that down with the $20. They were abundant in the last deep recession 1993 ish but faded from popularity - they were litttle hand held alarms that you just pulled a pin that activated a shrill alarm and it could not be turned off - it was silenced by simply putting the "pin" back into place. Once the alarm sounded, the creeps run away - and you'd just put the pin back in.

the other - which I do hope has already been thought of - is to have the cops do a stake out in plain clothes(perhaps using a female cop) since it appears to be a small area and catch the creeps and lock 'em up tossing away the key!

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