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Street Robbery Alert, Stony Brook & Jackson Neighborhood

Neighborhood ALERT!!!




Your neighborhood has reported an increase in robberies during the month of April.


Between April 8 & April 18, five street robberies involving suspects who are targeting victims for purses/wallets and/or cell phones in the Jamaica Plain area were reported to police.  The robberies have occurred between 10 PM and 5 AM, with the majority occurring between 10:50 PM…


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Boston Shines

As part of Boston Shines, we are looking for areas within Jamaica Plain that need improvement in the following areas; crosswalks painted, abandoned cars removed, lots cleaned up, graffiti removed and any other blighted areas that need attention.


Please report back any of these conditions to Area E-13 Community Service Office.




Sergeant Eric Krause

Boston Police Area E-13

3347 Washington St

Jamaica Plain, MA …


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Cell Phone / Laptop Theft

We have had many reports of theft involving electronics such as laptops and cell phones within the last few months.  The items have been stolen during residential/vehicle breaking and entering, street robberies and general theft.

Certain smart phones, such as the IPhone, have a locate feature that can aid the police when reported stolen.  There have been several arrests around the city by using this feature.  Contact your cell phone carrier for more…


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Tis the seaon to be Jolly but not if your home or car gets broken into.  We have seen an increase of residential and vehicle breaking and entering.  We are seeing a lot of electronics stolen, especially laptops from homes.  Macs are very popular.  We advise keeping your laptops and other valuables out of plain sight and secured while you are away from home. Many of the recent breaks have occured through unlocked side windows. 


Call 911 to report suspicious…


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Neighbors Night Out Celebration

Thank You for Neighbors Night Out 2011


 On behalf of our Commander, Captain Paul Russell and all of us at District E-13, we would like to express our most sincere thank you to everyone who joined us at our Neighbors Night Out in Egleston Square on Friday, July 29, 2011. The Egleston Square YMCA hosted the Annual experience.  The event was organized by the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (JPNDC), Teen Empowerment (TE), Egleston Square Main Street (ESMS), and…


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Puerto Rican Festival

The Puerto Rican Festival is the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Traffic in the Egleston Square area, Walnute Ave, Forest Hills St and side streets will be affected.  At the conclusion of the festivals there were be street closings in the area to minimize traffic into neighborhoods.  There willl be extra officers on duty to respond to emergencies and loud noise. 

The party line is 617-343-5500.


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South Street Youth Center Holiday Party! They need help....

EDITORS UPDATE: 12/17/2010 12:00 PM (Cross posted from here).




Hey everyone,
Thanks for your generosity - the kids are super excited! OMG!!!!
Here is…

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Residential Security Survey / Target Hardening

As many of you know, our community has seen a significant increase in breaking and entering the last few months. Particually the Hyde Square Neighborhood. We have made several arrests but the problem persists.

We also offer residential security surveys. If you are interested in having a certified crime prevention officer come to your home to conduct the survey, please contact P.O. Carlos Lara at 617-343-5624 or by email at…


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Residential Breaking and Entering

The Hyde Square area has been impacted by a spike in residential breaking and entering. We have increased day time patrols in that area. We have also reviewed the method of entry in each case. About 50% of the B&E's were committed through unlocked windows. The weather has been hot, but please try to remember to secure your windows when leaving for the day. Good neighbors are a great deterence to this type of crime. Call 911 to report suspicious persons. Below are some general…


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Purse Snatching Arrest

On Saturday, May 8th, in the early afternoon, Lt. King, of Area E-13, while off duty and passing through Egleston Square, arrested a man for robbing an elderly female of her pocketbook. Lt. King observed the man running from the scene, followed the man in his own vehicle and chased the man on foot. Lt. King captured the man and recovered the woman's pocketbook.

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Recovered Laptop and Cameras

On May 8, 2010 an arrest was made for receiving stolen property in Egleston Square. An Apple Laptop, Fuji Camera, and a Flip Video camera were recovered. We are attempting to identify the owner. Contact Sgt. Eric Krause of Area E-13 if you believe this property could be yours.


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Crime for March of 2010

Spring Cleaning!!

During the Month of March we have seen a significant decrease in many crimes. We had two robberies, and one attempted robbery compared to eleven for the month of February and twenty-two for the month of January.

We have seen a small increase in residential breaking and entering. The vast majority were entered through unlocked…


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RAD - Basic Self Defense Course for Women

We are looking for mother & daughter or friend teams for the month of May course at the Faulkner Hospital. Minimum age of 13. The course is free. May 17, 20, 25, and 27th, 5:30pm. Limited slots available.

Contact Elisa Reid or Sgt. Krause at 617-343-5624 or through our website at…

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Residential Breaking & Entering

Area E-13 Detective Division has noticed a pattern in recent residential breaking and entering in the Paul Gore Street area. Two suspects have rung doorbells and have made up names when someone has answered and then walked away. This is a common method to determine if anyone is home before forcing a door open. Unfortunately, no one called 911 when this occurred. Most residential breaks occur during the day when residents are away from home. Call 911 to report this or any other type of… Continue

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Theft From Cars

***During the month of November there were 53 cars broken into. This is a partial list of common items being stolen. 15 GPS, 6 Laptops, 6 Audio/Speaker Equip, 8 other electronics such as cell phones, cameras, $1,000 cash, other currency and misc. items. Needless to say, do not leave valuables in your car and lock your car doors.

Most cars are broken into during the overnight hours.

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Beware! Scams through the mail or online!

The below narrative was from a recent police report. There are many variations of this common scam. The FBI has a good website that posts simlar scams.

You should always be suspicous of solicitation to online posts or unsolicited mail asking you cash a check and then wire money back.



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Robbery, Boynton ST

Last night (11/13) at about 1:00am, a Boynton St resident was robbed at knife point and slightly injured. A 17 and 18 y/o male were found in the area and arrested. There have been several arrests for robbery over the last 3-4 weeks.

Sgt. Eric Krause
Area E-13 Community Service

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Street Robberies

Below is a list of street robberies in JP for the last two weeks. The 00 Centre St is Centre/Arborway (purses snatching). There have been no new incidents in the Boylston St area.

10/4/2009 11:20:00 PM E13 ROBBERY - UNARMED - STREET 50 LAMARTINE ST


10/9/2009 7:20:00 PM E13 ROBBERY - UNARMED - STREET 279 CENTRE ST

10/12/2009 9:02:00 PM E13 ROBBERY - UNARMED - STREET 00 CENTRE ST

10/15/2009… Continue

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Internet Scams, "419 Letters"

Below is part of a narrative from a police report taken recently at Area E-13. This is a common scam over the internet or by mail known as a "419 Letter" due to the violation of the section of Federal Law. Please be cautious about unsolicited emails that sound to good to be true. Go to the website below the narrative for more examples.


….walked into District 13 to report a scam. The victim stated on or about August 18, 2009 he received a letter… Continue

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Bicycle Theft

A lot of bicycles have been stolen this seaon in JP. I have been in charge of the property that comes into the station for about the last year and many bikes have been recovered. I strongly advise all bike owners to note the serial number on the bike. We cross check the serial number with upon recovery.

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