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Finalists for We Media “The Power of Us” Challenge


I just received this email from Jenna at Unfortunately, Neighbors for Neighbors, was not selected as a finalist. I am very grateful and honored by your support. In total we received 163 votes and were rate 4.9 out of 5 total stars.

Please do check out the amazing ideas that made the final cut. Here is what she wrote:

Dear Joseph:

I write you today with the list of finalists from We Media “The Power of Us” Challenge. In total, we received more than 330 entries from 47 countries and the We Media staff spent hours deliberating over these entries.

Please understand that this list does not reflect the only entries that were innovative and impactful. They are the ones that judges felt best represented the criteria of the competition as well as the pertinence to the theme. We also apologize for the delay in releasing information about the finalists. We wanted to be sure to confirm with each of the finalists.

I hope that you will rally around your fellow entrants and new friends to congratulate them! The finalists are listed below:

For the non-profit category, here are the finalists:
· Donateer
· FundYourIdea
· Open Green Map
· Fractor
· Pay Others First
· The Extraordinaries
· Reporting 2.0

For the business category, here are the finalists:
· Social Capital Value Add
· PolicyBrief
· SeeClickFix
· Venturi Wind Partners
· Loccal
· Multi-language multimedia player
· Wagglerz
· A social trust network for online recommendations (Groopies)

All of these Finalists will be presenting in front of a live judging panel at the We Media Conference in Miami, February 24-26, 2009.

We invite you to join us in Miami. In recognition of the incredible ideas that were submitted, We Media and Changemakers will have a gallery event at the conference. Everyone who submitted an idea will be eligible to participate in this event and to promote your idea. If you are interested in attending and need to discuss the logistics (like registration fees, etc), please contact Brian Reich of We Media at

I thank each and every one of you for making this Challenge a success and look forward to your continued involvement. We will also maintain the blog at so you can see what is going on.


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