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Join us for a Frisbee toss-around / Ultimate game tomorrow morning

Hi neighbors! I started a group on here for neighbors who are interested in Ultimate. You've probably seen some of the pickup groups and leagues (like BUDA) that play in JP and other parts of the city. Maybe you played in college, but haven't since? Or maybe you play during the warmer months, and are missing some Ultimate action? Oooor, maybe you just need an excuse to get out and run around for a bit...

JP Ultimate Frisbee is my shot at making a group that welcomes all skill levels, and helps each other learn how to play this friendly sport (which can be summed up in ten simple rules.)

This week the group felt like it hit a critical mass, and we decided to meet up this Saturday morning to toss around and play a game. Bonus: the weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm! We're going to start out tossing discs around, being friendly, and covering the rules of the game. When we have enough people to play, we'll give it a shot- those of us who have more experience will try to share what we know with the newer players.

We're also happy to just toss a disc around with you and share throwing tips- we'll be doing that before we play a game to warm up. Many folks know how to throw "backhand"- there's at least a couple other ways to throw a disc- wow your friends at the beach this summer!

So, check out the event (especially the bit about what to bring and how to dress for exercise in the cold) and come on down and say hello! Also, we're expecting at least a couple of people who are not on the NfN network- I'm expecting that we will have enough players for a small, friendly game.

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