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Young child from JP missing *UPDATE*: found

UPDATE:  Tobias has been found, and is safe and home.


Boston Police twitter alert this morning:

33 ALVESTON ST, JP* MISSING 10yo male, Native American, 4'11, 110LB..brown eyes, bright blue Northface jacket, blue jeans, black sneakers



Added by Brett on March 31, 2011 at 4:00pm — 8 Comments

Help map cell coverage in JP! Plus: how to improve your cell service

Hi neighbors!  I'm something of a GIS nerd, and I discovered that you can download apps for iPhone and Android devices to record and map cell phone signal strength.

I've been using Sensorly on my Android phone for a while now, but I noticed some areas I never travel through in JP haven't been mapped, or don't have a lot of sample data.  I was thinking it'd be a fun nerdly activity for some neighbors to download and install these tools.  Then, among other things, our neighbors can make…


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Craigslist "fill out a credit report online" apartment scam


I wanted to post a warning about a… Continue

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Scam on Centre Street

FYI, neighbors- there's a guy running a new twist on the "all I need is $__ to catch a bus to ____" scam, on Centre Street. He's dressed in fairly formal business attire, and claims that he's got a flat tire, his son is in the car (which is nowhere to be seen), and he "needs a patch kit." I gave him directions to the area gas stations and told him where there was an auto parts store, etc.

That's when the rest of the story comes out: he's got no cash, no credit cards, no spare tire,… Continue

Added by Brett on October 8, 2010 at 3:03pm — 2 Comments


Have you recently felt you deserved dinner, but your waiter passed you by? The first record of such feelings is in Gimelli 7. Capellini was downcast because his garlic bread was not accepted by His Noodley Appendage, as Cappellini thought it should be. He warned him to face his condition of self-pasta. He said, "Of His might and dominion, there is no compare; of His mercy and deliciousness, there is no equal. No other god can challenge Him; in the taste test, He is invincible." (Gimelli… Continue

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Southwest Corridor bikers: people in Jackson Square are throwing stuff again

Unfortunately, looks like the idiots throwing stuff at people biking by the Jackson Square T station are back (it's been reported several times on NfN.) This evening there were a group of 5-6 men on top of the roof of a small MBTA building (click… Continue

Added by Brett on August 12, 2010 at 12:32pm — 4 Comments

Dangerous, homophobic driver in JP

Hi Neighbors,

I was biking to work this morning and making a left turn from Centre, at the monument. While I was waiting to make my turn, a driver came up on my right and put his left turn signal on. When I said "I'm making a left turn too", told me to "fuck off." When I made my left turn, he tried to make the turn around me on my right side, which forced me into the oncoming lane.

Funny how traffic works- I ended up next to him a few minutes later, and snapped a picture… Continue

Added by Brett on June 30, 2010 at 12:37pm — 6 Comments

Gross conditions in some JP restaurants

Curious how your favorite place stacks up? You can search the Boston city health inspection database by name and/or neighborhood (I just selected JP to see all the restaurants.)

Well, after seeing the long list of health code violations at one of my favorite restaurants, it's no longer on my list! Apparently the city had reports of rodents eating food off the floors, they've been routinely cited for not storing food…


Added by Brett on March 30, 2010 at 4:00pm — 4 Comments

Live 39 bus route info

Hey JP peeps, turns out the MBTA has been publishing live data (for software developers) on some bus location data for certain routes. One of the routes is the one we all love and hate- the 39.

Check out the T Tracker, which is stunning. There's a live map, a page which will show you the arrival time to the next bus (complete with a link to put all the necessary info in the URL so you can bookmark it!), and even a text-only… Continue

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Join us for a Frisbee toss-around / Ultimate game tomorrow morning

Hi neighbors! I started a group on here for neighbors who are interested in Ultimate. You've probably seen some of the pickup groups and leagues (like BUDA) that play in JP and other parts of the city. Maybe you played in college, but haven't since? Or maybe you play during the warmer months, and are missing some Ultimate action? Oooor, maybe you just need an excuse to get out and run around for a… Continue

Added by Brett on January 15, 2010 at 5:51pm — No Comments

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