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There are lots features on this network and we realize it can get confusing. Please read this post to learn which features to use when. Thanks

Below are a breakdown of features by purpose via

Blogs are where you share your ideas, interests, concerns and information about the neighborhood and yourself with the entire community.

Good Examples:
- Captain Greland's Armed Robbery Arrest announcement
- Will's Are you paying more than your share of Boston property taxes contribution.

Discussion Forums are where you find and share resources such as tools, skills, housings, jobs, services, and recipes.

Good Examples:
- Su's Car Share Exploration post in the Skill and Tool share forum category.
- Sharon's Paul Gore St. 6RM 3BD Apartment available January dicussion in the Housing & Office Wanted and Available category.

Groups are where you create micro communities around interests, activities, and passions. Inside each group members can leave comments and create and participate in discussion related to the micro community.

Good Examples:
- JP Volunteers - where people are communicated and filling volunteer needs in JP.
- Richard's Adopt Julie, the puppy - where he's trying to find her a home.

Events are where you promote happenings in the neighborhood with the entire community.

Good examples:
- The Salmagundi, Vee Vee, Station 8 Salon, THREE RING SOCIAL benefit for the family of Surendra Dangol
- Loay inviting everyone to join him at The Blues Are Back at the Midway Cafe.

- Please post discussions related to a group in the group - not in the forums.
- Please post information about your particular neighborhood in your Neighborhood Zone Group - like this.
- You may also post a blog about an event - but - you must first create an event.

Please let me us know if you have any questions and suggestions by leaving a comment.

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