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Hey guys, Sgt. Eric Krause was kind enough to provide tips on how to stay safe following two recent robberies around Boynton/McBride/Southwest Corridor. He posted these as a reply to one of my posts, and I just wanted to move it up to a level of better visibility, since these tips are so very helpful and important. Please share them with your neighbors, your family and your friends, and thank you again to Sgt. Krause for taking the time to post them.

There were two robberies recently in the area of Boynton St, McBride St and the Southwest Corridor. One at about 8:40pm on 10/12/11 and the other at about 11:30pm on 10/13/11. The victims were robbed at knife point.

We have not had a problem with robberies in the area in quite a while. Many officers responded and searched for the suspects in both incidents, to no avail.

Some tips:

  • Stay alert and don't be distracted by electronics, headphones, etc...
  • Keep to well lit areas
  • Walk in groups whenever possible
  • If you think you are being followed, walk to the closest store, public building, or residence with lights on and ask for help
  • Common ruse used by robbers is to ask for the time.
  • Many people us their phone for the time, exactly what a would be robber is looking for
  • Some smart phones have the capability of being located when missing or stolen. Check with your phone carrier about this service
  • Call 911 to report suspicious behavior
  • Don’t risk your personal safety in a robbery, turn over your property and call 911 when it is safe to do so


Sgt. Eric Krause
Area E-13 Community Service Office

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