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RelayRides Launches this Month!
Person-to-person car sharing in Jamaica Plain

JP Green House has been working for the past month to promote a new
car-sharing initiative in JP, RelayRides. Perhaps you've seen the
flyers and posters, or read the article in the JP Gazette.

We're currently a car-free household, using Zipcars, public
transportation, our bikes and our feet to get around. We joined
forces with RelayRides because we're committed to demonstrating the
low-carbon lifestyle. Car-sharing promotes community, and actually
leads to less driving overall.

We recently got the good news that our outreach has paid off, and
RelayRides is ready to launch in JP at the end of November!

How Does it Work?

If you own a decent car made in the last 8 years, you can sign up to
rent for an hourly or daily rate when you aren't using it.

If you don't own a car, but need one occasionally, you can borrow
a local car by the hour or the day.

The technology that makes this work, and the insurance (1 million
on each car) are provided by RelayRides.

To sign up as either a borrower or a lender, go to

Now is the time to sign up. Here's a map of the cars that are out there
, and there are new cars coming on board every week.

Get Free Driving Credit

When you sign up, or refer a new borrower, both of you will get $25 of free
driving. You can make the recommendation through or informally - as long as the new borrower puts the name of the person into the "how did you hear about us" field, we'll track it
and give appropriate credit.

Want to talk more about it? Give us a call at 617 512 3502 with any
questions about RelayRides, car sharing, and how this works.

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