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What comes out of you when you are not trying to control yourself? What most naturally comes out of your heart and mouth when your guard is down, or when you are too worn to put up a fight? What is your immediate reaction to life's circumstances? In other words, what is most entrenched in your soul?


These questions may be somewhat embarrassing; you might have some evidence of some nasty stuff that has come out of your mouth from time to time. However, if you know the Lord - if the Spirit of Christ somehow lives within you, some new instincts that have been instilled in your life. An instinct could be defined as an inborn pattern of behavior or an innate ability. In Christ we have spiritual instincts.


Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus (found in the third chapter of John) teaches us that entrance into the Kingdom of God involves being "born again / born from above." A spiritual rebirth occurs when we enter the Kingdom of God; it's the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit gives us the ability to perceive the love of Christ. He also leads us spontaneously and instinctively to think of God as our Father. It is a super-natural instinct that is implanted in our spirits at spiritual birth.


The Holy Spirit cries from within us, "Abba, Father." (Romans 8:15) An intimate connection with the Father is instinctively placed in the recesses of our being. It is the deep and sometimes unintelligible cry of a spiritual child for his/her Father. In it's most natural expression no intellect, no self-control, no intentionality is required. Your heart response to God is like that of a child calling his first words, "Dada - or Abba."


When you are deeply lonely, afraid or in need - do you find yourself calling to your Abba? When you are in a peaceful, still and spiritual place - do you experience a bubbling inside your soul that reaches for your Father in heaven? This is the work of the Holy Spirit - this is the expression of your new nature, your spiritual instincts. This is confirmation of God's presence and your relationship with Him. Take courage when this wells up in you, it indicates the life of God is dwelling within.


Maybe, however, these words seem foreign to you; possibly you do not find yourself spontaneously expressing a childlike call to God. This article is not a judgment of your spirituality, but rather an invitation from God to receive this deep inner work of the Holy Spirit. God wants you to perceive His love. Ask Him to open your perceptions to the reality of His presence and your spiritual birthright and instincts. Allow your heart to express simple childlike love ... Abba!


Enjoying the Father with you,

Pastor Tom

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