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Those Teen Challenge folks outside of CVS all the time...

Yeah it sounds nice when they tell it ... but so that everyone knows...  

"Teen Challenge is a Pentecostal Christian recovery program and a network of Christian social and evangelizing work centers. It is a 12-18 month program that serves drug addicts, gang members, prostitutes and people with other characteristics that the program considers to be "life-controlling problems", such as homosexuality. It is a mission of the Assemblies of God."   You can read more about 'reparative therapy' for homosexuality here
In addition to this archaic and damaging stance on homosexuality, Teen Challenge admitadly does not hire non-Christians as employees, and while they do accept non-christians as "clients" these non-christians finish the program as "completed Jews"  [for those who are not aware, 'completed Jews' are those who were of Jewish faith who have accepted Jesus as God and savior]  Their official views on the Muslim faith is unknown.  [again, all of this is fine... i suppose... but smacks of brainwashing]
I had NO idea who they were and when asked were told that they are a nice group of people trying to help teens overcome addiction.  Which is fabulous, but a half-truth.  Not EVEN a half-truth… I would say it is a lie by omission.
You may still choose to donate to them- and that is fine.  I just wanted everyone to be aware of where our money is REALLY going.

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Comment by Quinn on December 10, 2011 at 9:29pm

Gross. Thanks for sharing, Susan. That type of organization should be illegal. And they certainly won't get my money!

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