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Just heard about this urban chicken workshop in Roslindale on Saturday. Maybe I'll see you there!


From Mindy Harris, Oct 24 05:33PM -0400  

Please join us for an afternoon workshop presented by the
Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts Chapter

Backyard Chickens, the Urban Scene
Saturday, October 29, 3:30-6:00pm
Private Residence
631 South Street
Roslindale, MA

Neighbors, regulations, smell, housing, breed-there's a lot to consider when
keeping chickens and poultry in an urban setting. This backyard poultry
workshop focuses specifically on urban populations and the challenges they
face when introducing birds into a community. Allison Fastman, who has kept
chickens and ducks in her small yard in Cambridge, will discuss coop design,
winterization, breed selection, vermin proofing, finding a veterinarian,
free ranging, chicken tractors, waste management, and legal status. A
generous amount of time will be allotted for Q&A. $25 NOFA members/$30
About the instructor: Allison Fastman has been gardening since she learned
to walk under the tutelage of her parents and grandparents. She's read and
experimented extensively at home and in the classroom both as a student and
To register for the workshop or for more information visit
or contact Laura Eppstein at (617) 913-0538, or by email at

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