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Updated Budget Information for the Boston Public Library

Amendment #737 has cleared the house. If it makes it through the senate, the BPL will get $.359 per capita for the Library of Last Recourse line item. This should be close to what the BPL projected overall from the state for the year but does not include other state sources. So we will see what that means at the next Trustees Meeting: May 10, 2011 - 8:30 AM - Central, Rabb Lecture…

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Mass. Budget has Good News for our Libraries! Help us to Bring More!

The Commonwealth's House Ways and Means Budget came out last week and it has the potential to increase funding to the Boston Public Library and other libraries in the state with your support!

Currently Reps. Michael Moran, Byron Rushing, Kevin Honan, Nick Collins, and Aaron Michlewitz have an amendment pending, #737, that would increase the amount for the "Library of the Commonwealth" from $.35 to $.359 per resident. Another amendment, #81, by Rep. Peter Kocot of Northhampton, would… Continue

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Save JP Libraries -- Save 77 Jobs -- Only 2 Days Left to SAVE the BPL

JP still faces a threat at the libraries as 77 people are still getting laid off. Some of these live in our neighborhood and others work here now will get shipped downtown or to another branch. This plan will change the neighborhood for the worse, for good. Please help to stop it.

We need your action NOW! Contact city council and forward this message far and wide!

Copy and…

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[saveBPL] Trustee Meeting, City Finances, and Weekend Events

Tuesday's trustee meeting introduced us to the newest member, Carol Fulp. She's a trainee of Paul LaCamera, so now we won't have any more confusing ties and you can guess which way the tiebreaker will go. Another millionaire Super Friend on the board. Is it too much to ask for a Trustee that makes < $250,000 a year? This time it's a friend of both the mayor and the governor:… Continue

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Boston Public Library Update - JP Still at Risk for Next Year - Stop Amy Ryan's Plan for Good

We had a great event at the Jamaica Plain Wake Up the Earth Festival and signed up over 100 new supporters. It is a great sign that people recognize that their services are being cut, even if their branch is staying open, and that everyone is vulnerable again in the next budget cycle. A source told me that the library is already scouting out the 4 branches to close next and is paring down the book collection to reduce the number of books to 80% capacity.

What we are working… Continue

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Boston Public Library Update - Save Your Central Services and Save JP For Next Year

Hello All. We may feel safe in JP for now, but the more we can overwhelm our law makers and library leaders now, the less work we'll have to do next year to save JP again. Please stay with the fight and here's an update as to what's going on.

For JP Specifically, please attend the Coffee Hour on Monday in Mozart Street Play Area @ Mozart & Centre

State Update:

Rep. Forry (Dorchester) & Rep. Moran (Brighton) introduced… Continue

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Community Stakeholder Meeting for the Boston Public Library


In a little more than 12 hours the community meetings will be done and we will finally know 'the list' of branch libraries that are at risk of closure in the Boston Public Library system. That is when the real work begins; that is when we stop having to fight rumors and start to fight plans.

We will need everybody for this fight: all 26 branches, all 500+ workers,…

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BPL Update

Hello, I am Brandon Abbs, founder of People of Boston Branches and we are working to bring all of the concerned groups together to fight cuts to library funding. We want to save all 104 jobs and all 26 branches because each job is a neighbor and each branch supports a neighborhood. They are all important and the city needs to bring $3.6M out of reserves to support the library while we examine how it is run and make it fitter for the future without cutting our neighbors off from the… Continue

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Saving the Branch Libraries in JP and BEYOND!!

I've posted this even in the NFN event site, but also wanted to alert others here as well.

Below are some links to the event and a description for forwarding, posting to your blog, FB, whatever. Help us get the word out and

together we can save all the branches!

Here is the Facebook Event: make sure to invite yourself… Continue

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