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Mass. Budget has Good News for our Libraries! Help us to Bring More!

The Commonwealth's House Ways and Means Budget came out last week and it has the potential to increase funding to the Boston Public Library and other libraries in the state with your support!

Currently Reps. Michael Moran, Byron Rushing, Kevin Honan, Nick Collins, and Aaron Michlewitz have an amendment pending, #737, that would increase the amount for the "Library of the Commonwealth" from $.35 to $.359 per resident. Another amendment, #81, by Rep. Peter Kocot of Northhampton, would raise the state aid to local libraries by $500,000.

This year's budget does not name the BPL specifically, as it has in year's past, as the Library of Last Recourse so also please ask that the BPL be recognized as the "Library of the Commonwealth", which is an apt name for all our library happily provides.

Please call your representative and ask if he/she supports amendment #737 and #81 (yes, give them the numbers!) and ask that the money for the library of the commonwealth comes to the BPL.

Find your Rep. here:

Learn more about this year's budget from the Mass. Library Association here:

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Comment by Joseph Porcelli (Chief Neighbor) on April 21, 2011 at 7:19pm
Thanks for sharing this great news with us Brandon!

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