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New Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to start Tuesday, August 18th

Most days I break out into song . . . 'food, glorious food, what I wouldn't do for . . ' begins my only refrain. Most people who know my singing, are thankful. I'm tone deaf. Musically that is.

Now, food-wise, I tend to be a bit more 'on key' so to speak. Food gives me joy. And because that's true, I end up wanting to share that which gives me joy. Hence, my blogging about food.

Today's blog is about fish.

Back in June, JP became one of the first locations for a brand new initiative -- a take off on the CSA (community supported agriculture) -- the CSF was launched and found its way to Community Servings.

The fish is beautiful day boat (fill in the blank), but mostly cod, haddock, flounder, hake, dabs, grey sole, pollock, and redfish. They're hoping that they'll be able to supplement that with clams, lobster and other seafood.

The next CSF starts Tuesday, August 18th, lasts 12 weeks and costs roughly $3/ per pound.

* Half Shares are approximately 4-6lbs per week and cost $180 for 12 weeks
* Full Shares are approximately 8-12lbs per week and cost $360 for 12 weeks

Applications for participation can be found online at:

Hope you'll join us,

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Comment by Loay on August 13, 2009 at 10:20am
Edith, I am really interested in joining but my question is are the fish stocks on offer sustainably fished?
Also I travel a great deal, what happens if I am away. I have 6 weeks in the Bahamas and 4 weeks in South Africa between now and December plus trips to DC and San Antonio. Does anyone want to split?

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